Careers in Geological Sciences

The M.S. degree is the terminal degree for most employment situations in geology and is usually required to permit rapid advancement beyond entry-level positions. However, ECU B.S. graduates have been employed in many types of geologic jobs, with examples below.

Solving environmental problems and finding and developing mineral and energy resources are the largest areas of work for geologists. Other areas include helping to design roads and structures, developing and enforcing environmental regulations and through academic and government work, asking basic questions of the earth, such as how the various features of our planet came to be. Many our graduates end up working on solving groundwater contamination and supply problems.

Our graduates are taking well-paying jobs in energy industries. Here, the geoscientist uses his or her knowledge of earth processes to analyze subterranean formations with the goal of figuring out where oil and gas and uranium will be found or determine geotechnical properties of offshore wind-farm sites.

Lots of good information about Geoscience Careers can be found at the American Geological Institute website.

Employers of ECU Geology Graduates


Private Employers

Apex Environmental, Inc.,
MD Aerotech, Charlotte, NC
Amerada Hess Corp.
BCM Laboratories, PA
Catlin & Assoc., Wilmington, NC
CBM Environmental, Greenville, NC
CH2M Hill, Raleigh, NC
CHK Energy, OK
Clean East Associates, Kinston, NC
Conestoga Rovers, MI
CONOCO Oil Co. Casper, WY
Dames and Moore, Inc., Raleigh, NC
DS Waters of America, GA
Dyn Corp., VA
E. A. Engineering, Charlotte, NC
Echo Bay Exploration, Mexico
ENSR, Raleigh, NC
Environ. Aspects, Raleigh, NC
Environ. Res. Mgmt., Charlotte, NC
Exxon Corp., U.S.A
Fronterra Petroleum, OK
Geco-Prakla, Inc., TX
GEL Geophysics, RTP, NC
General Engineering Lab., Charleston, SC
Geodynamics, NC
Geological Consult. Services, TX
Geophysical Co., Raleigh, NC
Geraghty and Miller, Inc., NC
Groundwater/Environ. Services, PA
Groundwater Management Assoc., NC

Groundwater Technology, Inc., Raleigh, NC
GW & Environ. Services, PA
GW Technology, Inc., NC & VA
Handex, Inc.,  Charlotte, NC
Hart and Hickman, Charlotte, NC
Hatch Mott McDonald, NY
Kidd Well Drilling, NC
Law Engineering, Charlotte, NC
Materials Testing Corp., ID
Mobil Oil Corp., Midland, TX
Newmont Exploration Ltd, MT, Peru
Northwind Environmental, Yuma, AZ
Ocean Drilling Project, Bremen, Germany
Piedmont Mining Company, Kershaw, NC
Research Triangle Institute, NC
RGC Mineral Sands, Inc., FL, VA
RockWare; Denver, CO
Roux Environmental, PA
RUST Geotechnical, Inc., SC
Samadan Oil Inc., TX
Science App. Internatl. Corp., CO
SCS Engineers, OH
Sirrine Environ. Inc., SC
Texaco, Inc., LA
The IT Group, TN
U Mining Company
UTTS Environmental, Greenville, NC
Westinghouse Savannah River Co., SC
Woodward-Clyde Consultants., AL


Government Employers

Bureau of Indian Affairs, DC
Craven County Health Dept., New Bern, NC
Environmental Protection Agency, TX
Kentucky Geological Survey
Lincoln County, NC
Mecklenberg County. Env. Protection, NC
Mississippi State Dept Env. Quality
Ocean Drilling Project, Germany
Oregon State
Nat’l. Wetland Research Center, LA
NC Dept. of Envir., Health & Nat’l Res.
NC Dept of Labor/Mine Safety
NC Dept. of Transportation
NC DOT Geotechnical Branch
NC Office of Coastal Management
NY State Highway Department
S. Carolina Geological Survey
USMC Base, Japan
Virginia Water Control Board
Wayne County-Environ. Health, NC


Education Employers

Agnes Lloyd College, KY
Albert Magnus High School, NY
Albuquerque Public Schools, NM
Concord College, WV
Duke Marine Lab, NC
East Carolina University
Essex County School System, VA
Hardin Simmons Univ., TX
Harnett County School System, NC

Roanoke School System, VA
Rocky Mount School System, NC
Texas A & M University
Tidewater Community College, VA
University of Phoenix
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Wake Technical Community College, NC
Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC