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  • Hammerstrom, Alex
    “Iron Isotope Geochemistry of Bulk-Rocks and Fe-Ti Oxides From the Skaergaard Layered Mafic Intrusion, SE Greenland”  2019.
  • Kofroth, Samantha.
    “Investigating the Movement of Groundwater in the Upper Castle Hayne Aquifer: A Comparison of Groundwater Flow Simulation and Anyalysis of Strontium Isotopic Signatures” 2019.


  • Bond, Ryan
    “Stormwater control measures to reduce urban stormwater and nutrient inputs to Boathouse Creek, North Carolina” 2018.
  • Cummings, Tiffany
    “A Re-Examination of Hydrothermal Alteration and Fe-Ti Oxide Relationships in the Skaergaard Layered Mafic Intrusion, East Greenland”  2018.
  • Murrie, Allison
    “Iron Isotope Fractionation in Olivine from the Skaergaard layerd mafic intrusion, Greenland” 2018.
  • Pertunen, Brett
    “The Iron Isoptope Composition of Pyroxene from the Skaergaard layered mafic intrusion, East Greenland” 2018.
  • Querry, Brian
    “Geology and the Origin of Sand Ridges in the Back-Barrier Estuary, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina” 2018.
  • Shmorhun, Nina Maria-Elena 
    “Characterizing siliciclastic coastal subenvironments with modern foraminiferal assemblages: Bear Island and Bogue Banks, North Carolina” 2018.
  • Twarog, Michael R. 
    “Holocene Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Depositional Environments on the Sunda Shelf, Southwest China Sea, Using a Multidisciplinary Approach” 2018.




  • Donovan, Bailey G.
    “A Multiproxy Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Marine Sediments: Sunda Shelf, Southern South China Sea” 112 pages. 2017.
  • Robbins, Jeremy J.
    “Effects of Urbanization on Stream-Riparian Zone Connection Along low Order Coastal Plain Streams of North Carolina” 136 pages. 2017.
  • Benfield, Beau D.
    “Sorption of Ibuprofen to Coastal Plain Soils” 69 pages. 2017.
  • McGee, Kelsey L.
    “A Petrologic and Diagenetic Study of the Onondaga Formation” 115 pages. 2017.
  • Noles, Jonathan R.
    “Determining Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Natural gas Production of the Upper Devonian Gordon Sandstone, Catskill Delta Complex, Southern West Virginia ” 105 pages. 2017.
  • Harrison, Emily I.
    “Holocene Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Sunda Shelf, Off Northeastern peninsular Malaysia” 109 pages. 2017.
  • Gibbons, Ryan M.
    “Morphology, Geologic History and Dynamics of Wimble Shoals, Rodanthe, North Carolina” 92 pages. 2017.
  • Akland, Mark J.
    “Origin and Geochemical Evolution of Localized, High-ferrous-iron zones in the Upper Castle Hayne Aquifer, Beaufort County, North Carolina” 421 pages. 2017.
  • Mitchell, Nicholas
    “The Composition of garnet in Granitic Pegmatites as a Proxy for Melt Evolution and Rare Metal Potential” 439 pages. 2017.
  • Owers, James E.
    “Modeling Groundwater Inundation Under Sea-level Rise Scenarios in the Surficial Aquifer of Bogue Banks, North Carolina” 114 pages. 2017.


  • ​Cornette, Christopher J.
    “Back-Barrier Sediment and Hydrodynamic Processes: Insight from Rodanthe, North Carolina” 82 pages. 2016.
  • Trevisan, Adam
    “Delineating Wastewater Contamination Plumes from Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in the North Carolina Coastal Plain Using Electromagnetic Induction ” 129 pages. 2016.
  • Martin, Samuel Q.
    “Distribution and Taxonomy of Modern Benthic Foraminifera of the Western Sunda Shelf (South China Sea) Off Peninsular Malaysia” 262 pages. 2016.
  • Klipp, Brian D.
    “Effect of Structural Deformation on the Petrology and Distribution of Diagenetic Alteration within the Oriskany Sandstone in Little Mountain Anticline of the Smoke Hole Region of Eastern West Virginia” 60 pages. 2016.
  • Hardison, Sarah
    “Geophysical Characterization of Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Effects on Groundwater Quality, Eastern North Carolina” 324 pages. 2016.
  • Smith, Caroline F.
    “Holocene Evolution of the Ocracoke Inlet Flood-Tide Delta Region, Outer Banks, North Carolina” 124 pages. 2016.
  • Mahoney, Robert N.
    “Nutrient and Bacteria Dynamics of Package Treatment Plants in Coastal Carteret County, North Carolina ” 114 pages. 2016.
  • Brinkley, Scott A.
    “Petroleum Geology of the Utica/Point Pleasant Play in Washington County, Ohio” 61 pages. 2016.
  • Dietsche, Andrew
    “Quaternary Evolution of North Core Sound, North Carolina” 152 pages. 2016.
  • Wagner, Sage
    “Review and Synthesis of the Role of Structural Arches in the Brazilian Amazon Lowlands” 120 pages. 2016.
  • Stevenson, Mallory
    “The Marcellus Shale: Erosional Boundary and Production Analysis, Southern West Virginia, USA” 136 pages. 2016.
  • Adams, Emily
    “The Relationship between the Taghanic Unconformity and Marcellus Shale Production in Doddridge and Ritchie Counties, West Virginia” 113 pages. 2016.


  • Strand, Jessica
    “Examining Coastal Marsh Sedimentation in Northeastern North Carolina” 117 pages. 2015.
  • Kegel, Jessica
    “Extension of the late Holocene Sea-level Record in North Carolina” 83 pages. 2015.
  • Maurer, Elizabeth A.
    “Geometry and Construction History of the Copper Ridge Laccolith, Mount Ellen, Henry Mountains, Utah” 122 pages. 2015.
  • Lancaster, Heather N.
    “Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Genesis of the Valentine Iron Formation, Nico Perez Terrane, Eastern Uruguay, and Significance for redox conditions of early Earth’s Oceans” 154 pages. 2015.
  • Hawkins, David W.
    “Modern Sedimentation and Estuarine Shoreline Change Around Roanoke Island, North Carolina” 172 pages. 2015.
  • Burns, Richard W.
    “The Contentnea Creek Granite: Constraints on Late Paleozoic Magmatism and Deformation, Eastern Piedmont Fault System, North Carolina” 68 pages. 2015.
  • Thornton, Erik
    “Timing, Internal Flow Characteristics, and Employment Mechanisms of the Intrusive Sheet Network on the Southern Margins of Mount Hillers, Henry Mountains, Southern Utah” 123 pages. 2015.


  • ​Woodson, Ann Lee
    “A Record of Holocene Climate Change from the Sunda Shelf, South China Sea” 75 pages. 2014.
  • Conery, Ian W.
    “Decadal-Scale Evolution of a Barrier Island: Insights from Storm Overwash and Shoreline Change on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina ” 64 pages. 2014.
  • Young, David R.
    “Examination of the 2011 Mississippi River Flood Deposit on the Louisiana Continental Shelf” 175 pages. 2014.
  • Serna, Erica
    “Geochemistry and Genesis of Late Paleoproterozic Banded Iron Formations and Metamorphosed Chemical Precipitates Spatially Associated with Pb-Zn Broken Hill-Type ” 126 pages. 2014.
  • Ward, Mitchell T.
    “Geometry and Construction History of a Complex Intrusive Center in the Sallow Crust, Mount Pennell, Henry Mountains, Utah” 130 pages. 2014.
  • Broda, Robert J.
    “Geometry and Progressive Development of a Shallow Crustal Intrusive Complex, Mount Hillers, Henry Mountains, Utah ” 121 pages. 2014.
  • Zaremba, Nicholas
    “Holocene Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental change of Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, USA” 109 pages. 2014.
  • Yonts, Jason A.
    “Major and trace Element Chemical Composition of Gahnite from granitic pegmatites and a Metamorphosed Massive Sulfide Deposit : Significance for Pegmatite Fractionation and Discrimination Between Li-Rich and Li-Poor Pegmatites” 163 pages. 2014.
  • Giuliano, Angela S.
    “Salinity Distribution in a Channelized Wetland at Emily and Richardson Preyer Buckridge Coastal Reserve, Tyrrell County, North Carolina” 83 pages. 2014.
  • Szynal, David
    “Source of Saltwater Intrusion in the Castle Hayne Aquifer on the Western Part of Bogue Banks Barrier Island, North Carolina” 160 pages. 2014.
  • Cummings, Katie L.
    “Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of the Alexander Siltstone in Doddridge and Ritchie Counties, West Virginia ” 95 pages. 2014.
  • Minnehan, Jeffery J.
    “Using Sediment Organic Geochemistry to Interpret Late Holocene Barrier Island and Estuarine Evolution, North Carolina, USA” 136 pages. 2014.
  • Smith, Matthew
    “Geophysical Detection of Onsite Wastewater Plumes in the North Carolina Coastal Plain, USA”197 pages. 2014.


  • ​Iverson, Guy
    “A Comparison of Watershed Nitrogen Loading and Watershed Nitrogen Exports from Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems and Centralized Sewer Systems in the North Carolina ” 189 pages. 2013.
  • Brown, Matthew M.
    “An Integrated Method for Monitoring Material Transport in a Coupled Land-estuary System following a Dynamic Storm Event: The Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina, and Hurricane” 126 pages. 2013.
  • Sisco, Michael S.
    “Assessing the Shallow Groundwater Systems as a Potential Factor in generating Stormwater Runoff on a North Carolina Barrier Island ” 86 pages. 2013.
  • Scalise, Kimberly
    “Atmosphere Distributions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Coastal Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA, associated with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill” 116 pages. 2013.
  • Tichenor, Hal R.
    “Foraminifera as Indicators of Hypoxia Off Southwest Pass, Mississippi Delta, Gulf of Mexico” 80 pages. 2013.
  • Nixon, Justin E.
    “The Influence of Fracture Characteristics on Groundwater Flow System in Fractured Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks of North Carolina” 205 pages. 2013.
  • Ellis, Alisha M.
    “The Influence of Aquaculture of foraminifera and Sediment Properties in the Setiu Estuary and Lagoon of Terengganu, Malaysia” 149 pages. 2013.
  • Thornberg, Hanna
    “Foraminiferal and Geochemical Evidence of Environmental Changes in Response to Aquaculture in the Setiu Estuarine-Lagoonal System, Terengganu, Malaysia” 116 pages. 2013.


  • Simms, Craig
    “Geology of the Castle Hayne Limestone in the Onslow Quarry, Richlands, North Carolina” 144 pages. 2012.
  • Henry, Keaton A.
    “Occurrence of Escherichia Coli (E Coli) and Enterococcus in Shallow Groundwater Adjacent to Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems in Washington, North Carolina” 113 pages. 2011.
  • Culpepper, Alexander R.
    “Quantitative Comparison of 2D Porosity and Pore Geometry Between the upper Castle Hayne Aquifer, North Carolina” 157 pages. 2011.
  • Kiker, Joseph M.
    “Spatial and Variability in Surficial Character, Waipaoa River Margin, New Zealand” 324 pages. 2012.
  • Rabien, Katrina A.
    “The Foraminiferal Signature of Recent Gulf of Mexico Hurricanes” 186 pages. 2012.
  • Moran, Kelli
    “Late Holocene Evolution of Currituck Sound, North Carolina, USA; Environmental Changes Driven by Sea-level rise, Storms and Barrier Island Morphology” 102 pages. 2012.
  • Smith, Casey
    “The Devonian West Falls Formation, Implication of Sedimentation controlled by Preexisting Structures, West Virginia” 164 pages. 2012.


  • ​Gwyn, Nathan Z.
    “Emplacement and Growth of Large Complex Intrusion in the Shallow Crust, Henry Mountains, Utah ” 104 pages. 2011.
  • Patel, Nidhi
    “Holocene Climate and Carbon Sequestration via Black Carbon burial in Sediments” 167 pages. 2011.
  • Ganak, Megan E.
    “Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of the Blue Monday Sandstone, Central West Virginia” 175 pages. 2011.
  • Crane, Cynthia D.
    “Vertebrate Paleontology of the Late Cretaceous (Campanian) Bladen Formation, Bladen County, North Carolina” 232 pages. 2011.


  • ​Quafisi, Dimitri
    “Assessment of Modern Sediment Storage in the Floodplain of the Lower Tar River, North Carolina” 110 pages. 2010.
  • Best, Kelly M.
    “Quaternary Geologic Evolution of the Croatan beach Ridge Complex, Bogue Sound, and Bogue Banks, Carteret County, North Carolina” 265 pages. 2010.
  • Davis, Joseph B.
    “The Historical Foundations of Modern Earth Science Education: Using the Power of History in Earth Science Education” 177 pages. 2010.


  • Cowart, Lisa
    “Analyzing Estuarine Shoreline Change in Coastal North Carolina” 95 pages. 2009.
  • Camp, Reanna L.
    “Distribution of Benthic Foraminifera of the Waipaoa River Margin, North Island, New Zealand: Implications for Sediment Transport ” 157 pages. 2009.
  • McDowell, Katie L.
    “Holocene Geologic Development of Central Hatteras Flats and Buxton beach Ridges, Outer Banks, North Carolina” 235 pages. 2009.
  • Metger, M. Lauren
    “Holocene Paleoenvironmental Change in Southern Pamlico Sound, North Carolina” 178 pages. 2009.
  • DeLoatch, John P.
    “Urban Channel Incision Effects on Stream-Groundwater Interactions in the North Carolina Coastal Plain” 98 pages. 2009.
  • Harnsberger, David F.
    “Urban Channel Incision, Water Table Decline, and Nitrate Attenuation in Floodplain Aquifers, Greenville, North Carolina” 132 pages. 2009.
  • Lagomasino, David
    “Variations in Marsh Sedimentation and Inundation Dynamics of Two Microtidal Marshes, Pamlico River Estuary, North Carolina” 96 pages. 2009.
2008 - 1997


  • Marciniak, Katherine J.
    “Sediment Dynamics in Tributaries of the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina” 184 pages. 2008.
  • Dillard, Sophia C.
    “Resuspension Events and Seabed Dynamic in the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina” 131 pages. 2008.
  • Stanton, Christopher
    “Holocene Inner Continental Shelf Stratigraphy, Micropaleontology and Paleoenvironment Change Off the Outer Banks, North Carolina” 182 pages. 2008.
  • Pruitt, Rebecca
    “Foraminiferal Evidence for Recent Paleoenvironmental Change in Core Sound, North Carolina” 174 pages. 2008.
  • Byers, Brion N.
    “Hydrogeologic Framework Study of Bertie County, North Carolina” 209 pages. 2008.
  • Hale, Michael E.
    “Late Holocene Geologic Evolution of Central Ocracoke Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina” 213 pages. 2008.


  • Hutchinson, Heather W.
    “Hydrologic and Isotopic Response of Low-order Coastal Plain Streams to Urban Land Use” 126 pages. 2007.
  • Johnson, Patrick Kolt
    “Characterization of Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions Along A Coastal Plain River” 215 pages. 2007.
  • Foley, Jennifer A.
    “Foraminiferal, Sedimentological, and Geochemical Indications of Holocene Environmental Change in Pamlico Sound, North Carolina” 167 pages. 2007.
  • Ryan, Katherine E.
    “Sedimentation in a Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Coral Reef Setting, La Paraguera, Puerto Rico” 155 pages. 2007.
  • Elkins, John B.
    “Nutrient Transport between the Riparian and Hyporheic Zones in a Small Agricultural Watershed in the North Carolina Coastal Plain” 93 pages. 2007.
  • Soban, Jason Randal
    “Stream Channel Response to Urban Land Use in the Inner Coastal Plain of North Carolina” 154 pages. 2007.
  • Sumners, Benjamin W.
    “Sedimentation and Morphology on the Outer Shelf/Upper Slope Transition, Waipaoa River Margin, New Zealand” <129 pages. 2007.


  • ​Buckner, Michael D.
    “A Seismic Stratigraphic Synthesis of the Quaternary Geologic Framework of the Pamlico Sound, North Carolina” 118 pages. 2006.
  • Dail, Michael B.
    “Seasonal and Event-Driven Sediment Dynamics in the Mississippi Deltaic Region” 141 pages. 2006.
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  • Must, Erin L.
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  • Rosenberger, Jeb E.
    “Late Holocene Back-Barrier Development of Portsmouth Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina” 172 pages. 2006.
  • Twamley, David F.
    “Holocene Geologic Development of the Hatteras Village Area, Outer Banks, North Carolina” 157 pages. 2006.
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1986 - 1994


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